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Ability Stats
Type Priority Killing 5


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force Mafioso to attack
no Mafioso: attack target


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let Mafioso choose target


Investigation Results Edit

Sheriff Edit

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Your target is not suspicious.


Investigator Edit

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Your target takes charge. They could be a Mayor, Godfather, or Vampire Hunter.


Consigliere Edit

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Your target is the leader of the Mafia. They must be the Godfather.


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The leader of organized crime.


Abilities Edit

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Kill someone each night.


Attributes Edit

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You can't be killed at night.

If there is a Mafioso he will attack the target instead of you.
You will appear to be a Town member to the Sheriff.

You can talk with the other Mafia at night.


Goal Edit

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Kill anyone that will not submit to the Mafia.

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Victory Conditions
Wins with Must kill Mafia



Serial Killer

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  • If the Mafioso is alive at the exact moment the Godfather dies, the Mafioso will be promoted to Godfather.
  • If both the Mafioso and the Godfather die in the same night, whoever is promoted to Mafioso will instead become the Godfather.
  • Currently bugged: If the Mafioso is controlled by a Witch, they will still attack the Godfather's target.
Godfather picks a target no Godfather /
roleblocked /
does not pick target
Mafioso picks a target Mafioso attacks Godfather's target Mafioso attacks their own target
Mafioso does not pick target Mafioso attacks Godfather's target no attack
no Mafioso /
Godfather attacks their own target no attack



== The Godfather is the Şablon:Mafia's version of the Mayor. It is important for the Godfather to give orders to his mafia and to make the most use out of all of their abilities. It is also important to listen to your Mafia and make use of any knowledge that they give you.

  • One strategy that works surprisingly often is to claim Godfather or Serial Killer Day 2, and say that you hate your role and want to be lynched. People will think that you're Jester and leave you alone. Beware of an Investigator though, as they could easily get you lynched.
  • Tell your Mafia not to speak names if you are uncertain if there is a Spy, so that you are not accidentally revealing your names. Deception is your greatest power. Use it to throw Investigators off your scent.
  • If a mafia member is not following your orders or acting dangerously (voting against mafia, using names in the night chat), claim sheriff the next day and accuse that person. This might sound like game-throwing, but it confirms you as a townie, and the threat can be neutralized.

If you are attacked, act natural. Most Godfathers will not say anything during the day if they were attacked. A few carefully worded lies can keep you from being hanged.

  • If attacked by a Vigilante, claim that you were immune because you were taken in by the Jailor. Also claiming to have been healed by a Doctor can work. Both of these strategies are risky because they rely on the Doctor or Jailor either being silent or unknown, or on them being killed in the same round you were attacked. Claiming to be a Survivor and wearing a vest also works, but is still risky.

Clever tactics: Claim that you are a Vigilante on Day 2 and that you attacked one of the members in your Mafia but they were immune. Keep telling the town to lynch them. The town will realise that Vigilantes can't shoot on Night 1 and assume you are an Executioner and that the person you called out is your target. This strategy helps you in several ways:

  • Executioners are night immune, giving credit to your guise since you have night immunity as the GF
  • The Mafia member you called out will be considered a Town member, since the Executioner's target is always a Townie, and though it goes without saying:
  • You've now removed suspicion from yourself and another member of the mafia, since most people will ignore an Executioner and a Jester once they've been revealed. Of course, this requires the co-operation of the other Mafia member, and in some games as Godfather, they'll think you're ratting them out and tell the town you're the Godfather or that you're Mafia.
    • You obviously don't want this to happen, since it crumbles the façade you're trying to build. However, it should be noted that this is dangerous to explain to Mafia members during Night 1, as any Spy listening in can call you out the next day.
      • NOTE: This requires the existence of an Executioner, Random Neutral, or Neutral Evil slot. Otherwise no one will believe you're the Executioner, as it won't be possible.
  • When/If you're asked to reveal being the Mayor, type has revealed themself as the Mayor!. this might trick a new player into not voting against you, which can be enough to not get you lynched. However this won't work on experienced and advanced players. You can also claim [Hunter|Vampire Hunter], as it is not a unique role.
  • Try to get a non-Mafia lynched as early as possible. If it works and they are town, you can claim you are Executioner and you will work with the town. If it doesn't work, try to lynch them all game; the town will say you are a bad Executioner. If the townie you tried to get lynched dies, the Town will not lynch you out of fear that you have turned into a Jester.


Dealing with Townies/NeutralsEdit

== Dealing with an Investigator: If you are found out by an Investigator, there is very little you can do to claim that you are a Mayor, as you cannot reveal properly. You only have a few strategies:

  • You can claim that you are a Vampire Hunter. This can help enormously, throwing suspicion off of you. If the Investigator is bitten by a Vampire, then he will assume you are Vampire Hunter and will not discover your bite immunity.
  • You can claim that you have been transported. This generally requires an active transporter (since active transporters are very obvious), and will usually cause the transporter to suspect you and possibly even make them call you out, especially if there's no room for more than one.
  • If it's very early in the game, you can accuse the Investigator of being an Executioner, but this becomes harder as time passes, since an Investigator can often confirm themselves. It will also generally only buy you a little while, since the accusation will be confirmed when the Investigator dies (and leaving them alive is unwise, since they'll identify the rest of the mafia.) If you manage to live through the day, killing and cleaning them with a Janitor might work; it may attract further suspicion to you, but this is preferable to losing the entire mafia!
  • Sometimes, you can stay alive by saying that you are mayor but you don't want to reveal so that doctor can still heal you. (As doctors cannot heal a revealed mayor) If you have found an Investigator via Consigliere or them revealing to the Town, you can have Mafia members blackmail, roleblock, and even clean and disguise as them. Due to how easily they can find out the entire Mafia, Investigators must be dealt with quickly to help ensure a Mafia victory.

Dealing with a Sheriff: A Sheriff cannot see you as a Godfather, but they will most likely call you to the Town as being "not suspicious". You should say any Town or Detection Immune role after that, and make up a Last Will if needed. However, if there is evidence mounting against you, for example, if the Lookout saw you at a dead player's home, there is little you can do.

Dealing with the Jailor: Like all evil roles, you should have a claim ready for if you're jailed.

  • One option is to claim you are a Mayor; even though you can't reveal, this will almost always buy you at least another day.
  • You can also claim Vampire Hunter, though in some game modes (like [[1]]) this is unlikely to work due to the rarity of the role.
  • Alternatively, you can simply claim some other role, such as Sheriff or some other role which a will can be drawn up for easily, and hope that the Jailor hasn't yet cross-referenced your role with the Investigator. You may be in trouble if their will is exposed to the Investigator, but it's preferable to delay the issue and hope you can win before then than to be executed immediately by a suspicious Jailor!

Dealing with the Mayor:Once a Mayor has been revealed , it's a war between you and him in terms of commanding your faction since both of you are the leaders of their faction. The Mayor may not have a legitimate method to identify members of his faction while you do, and your faction can easily be commanded by Night Chat while the Mayor faces difficulty in communication due to having to whisper or announce his orders in the day, Use these advantages to your mafia's benefit. If the Mayor could be protected by a Bodyguard, you won't be able to kill him without a cost. What you can do is strip him off his strength point other than his voting power : since Blackmailers are completely unaffected by Bodyguards, send one to the Mayor to blackmail him. Although he can still vote up people with the town following him, you can prevent him from commanding his town such as instructing the Jailor, replying to protectives and investigatives for info or even attempting to recruit Survivors and other Neutral roles to his side. This tactic will not work if he's protected by a Jailor or a Transporter, and your Blackmailer could be busted if a Lookout is present.

Dealing with a Vigilante: Sometimes, if there is a confirmed Vigilante and you are accused of something, the Vigilante will attack you. You will not die, because of your night immunity, but the Vigilante will know you are immune. The Vigilante will then claim you have immunity and must be the Godfather or Serial Killer. This is more likely to happen if there is a revealed Mayor controlling everything. There is not much you can do in this situation, but you do have a few options:

  • You can claim Survivor and say that you vested. This strategy works better if you think the Vigilante will attack you and claim Survivor before he attacks you. Regardless, this looks very guilty, and because the town has almost nothing to lose from lynching a Survivor, you most likely will die. However, if you have a Survivor on your side and can stop him from claiming Survivor when you do, you may be able to delay your execution a bit. If Town is suspicious of several other people, you can try and get them hung to live a bit longer. However, if the Jailer is still alive, they most likely will execute the following night.
  • You can say you are the BodyGuard or the Doctor and vested or self-healed. This will only work on an inexperianced town, or a town that is not sure if the Vigilante is a towny, becuase this will not give the Vigilante an immunity message.
  • You can claim Executioner. This is a relatively safe bet, becuase the Mafia usually will accuse someone to get them hanged, but also becuase you can claim your target is someone in the Mafia. This will make town think they are a townie, becuase the Executioner's target is always a towny.
    • This may backfire, seeing as if you are lynched or executed by the Jailer and turn up as the Godfather, town may assume you were protecting your mafia. A counter to this is to claim your target is someone who is not in the Mafia. If you die, and then you are discovered as Godfather, they may lynch whoever you claimed was your target assuming you were protecting the Mafia. The downside to this is that if your target is killed and turns out to be a Neutral or a Mafia, you will most likely be killed as a result.
    • Another claim you can make is that town already lynched your target, and now you side with town as a thank you. While the Jailor may execute you out of spite or suspicion, you most likely will not be killed as the rest of the players will want to save thier own necks.

Dealing with a Survivor: You can whisper and try to convince them that your Mafia team has a better chance of winning than the Town. In return, you can promise them not to attack. In the best case, the Survivor will help you lynch the Town or Neutral Killers in the late game; in the worst case, they will simply rat you out to the next Town member they see.

Dealing with a Witch: The Mafia can win with Witches and it is very common for them to work together but an ill informed Witch can cause serious problems for you. If you or your Mafia members are repeatedly controlled by the Witch it may be a good strategy to identify the Witch as quickly as possible.

Dealing with a Serial Killer: A major obstacle in the way of Mafia's victory is the Serial Killer. The Serial Killer is a wildcard that can make or break the Mafia. Using Mafia role strategies listed below can stop a Serial Killer. However, as Godfather there is little you can do, due to the Serial Killer's [Immunity|Night Immunity]. One small strategy that can assist your victory against Serial Killers is to pretend that you are Town and to bait the Serial Killer to attack you. When the day comes say that you were attacked but you were healed by a Doctor (Serial Killer's usually can't accuse you of being the Godfather without revealing themselves in the same round as their attack, but they will usually do so in their next Death Note, so make sure to get rid of them as soon as possible after being attacked). Because of the Serial Killer's night immunity and the fact Serial Killer wins over Godfather, getting a Serial Killer when there is a small group is vital for a win.


In Conjunction with Mafia RolesEdit


  • Mafioso: Tell your Mafioso who to kill and listen for feedback from the next night if their attack was unsuccessful. Also sometimes having them leave clues that throw off curious town in [Note|Death Note]s is an important thing to discuss.
  • Consigliere: Listen to the Consigliere's report every night and ask them to keep a record of their investigations in their will. A good strategy is to have your Consigliere masquerade as an Investigator or Sheriff and attempt to assist the town in lynching any Şablon:Neutral Evils and Şablon:Neutral Killings. Then, when the town loses many people, have your Consigliere call out a Townie such as a Veteran, Vigilante or Doctor, and hang them before they can do any harm.
  • Blackmailer: Coordinate with a Blackmailer to lynch any unwanted Şablon:Town. During the day, ask the blackmailed target to tell you their role and when they don't respond attempt to lynch them. This works best in conjunction with a Framer.
  • Consort: Similar to the Escort, use your distraction to stop pesky Şablon:Town Investigatives from revealing your Mafia's identities. As a last resort, tell your consort to role block the Serial Killer if need be, and put the Serial Killer's name in their will.
  • Disguiser: For the best Disguiser strategies to work, you must have them disguise themselves as a proven Town member. If someone's role is confirmed as Town, kill them and assume their persona. Try to remind your Disguiser to play the part of whatever role they are pretending to be and assist them during the day by keeping them talking.
  • Framer: The Framer is a very difficult role to play. You should direct who they frame. In conjunction with other deceptive Mafia members, Framers can assist with the lynching of almost any role, but in Classic games, where the only other Mafia roles are the Mafioso and the Godfather, they have very little use.
  • Janitor: Mafia killing roles should team up with Janitors for the most efficient usage of their abilities. A cleaned Town member can make it easier to lie about roles and can thwart an Investigator's [Will|Last Will] logs.
  • Forger: The Janitors may not cooperate with the Forger, as something may go wrong about the Godfather's plan because of the two role's opposite objectives. You may use a Forger to frame someone directly, by putting in false information to mislead the town when the target has died.

Most importantly, be in command of your Mafia. The Mafia is a small team of powerful players that dynamically shape the game's outcome and it is your role to guide their actions.

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